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Bad Luck

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 11:49 AM

I must have a strike of bad luck recently. In my previous journal I mentioned that I was being mistreated by my store manager right? Well, at my OTHER job, the Kennel. it's the SAME THING! What the fuck? Like seriously, okay here's the story.

Last week, on August 2, I was reported by Pam (owner's wife) to the Assistant Manager, that I hit a dog with the clipboard (which is not true). So, the AM came up to me and informed me what had been said. She(the AM) even told me, "Don't worry about it, it's're not going to even get a write up for this. I just came to tell you what she told me." I'm like ," Okay thank you. That makes me feel at ease." Apparently not.
Yesterday was any other day. Get up at 5, go in at 6 to start at 7. Well, as soon as 6:05am hits, the assistant manager walked into the break room to put away her lunch in the fridge. I didn't look up at her as I was reading on my phone. Then she turned to me and said "As soon as you're done eating your breakfast, I need to see you in the office.

Automatically, I'm thinking, "I just got here, what the fuck did I do wrong now??"

So I finish my meal and send a text to SkyWolf22 who was also working there with me. I said "I'm needed in the" She replies, "I don't know, me too."

So we eventually meet up and head into the office.

First thing the AM said, "So....due to the incident last week, it was the company's decision but we had to let Kammi go. Now you have the option to finish out the day or just leave."  and handed us the termination paper.
WHAT?! Seriously, first I get the lashing from my primary job manager then I get FIRED from my second?! IN THE SAME WEEK?! what the hell did I do to deserve all of this? Is this karma biting me in the ass? What did I do?!

Anyway, immediately, I took the paper and read it over. "I'm not signing this! Where is the proof that I hit a dog? If there's no proof then I can sue for false accusation!" All of this was said while I was in tears.

Now, for those of you who don't know my history, I have a tendency to go into panic attacks when really upset. Not ONLY that, if it's severe enough, I go into a seizure. Well, I had a mild panic attack because I was thinking rapidly, 'what am I going to do? I can't make up that lost money 3 weeks before moving to Orlando!' 'How am I going to pay the first rent without the last paycheck I was hoping to get from these last three weeks.' Ect ect.

It was now around the time of 6:45 and it was time to clock in for our shift. I stayed on the clock because I was given the option to stay or leave. Of course I'd stay. I need the money to move! So, SkyWolf22 left the office and after a few minutes, the person who started all of this...poked her head into the office. I started to panic more. Luckily, Phoenix was there with me so I didn't go into shock and luckily I didn't see said person's face or else I would have. However, because of this, I started to breathe heavy and everything started up again. Next thing I knew, the AM was walking out of the office. I didn't know why at the time but I was informed that she went to fetch SkyWolf22 and tell her "Kammi needs you in the office, She saw Pam." (as told to me later by SkyWolf22 )

While I was left alone, everything crashed on me at once and I started to panic once more. Phoenix did the best she could but she wasn't helping sadly. I pulled the trash can close and just started to lean over it from the nausia. SkyWolf22 walked back into the office to find me hovering over it, hysterically crying and red faced.

Now, what happened next was a shocker to both me and SkyWolf22
Yes, I had my panic attack starting, however, I was having a hard time breathing. That's never happened to me before during a panic attack. Normally, it's the shaking, tears, and tensing up. However, this was different. I did the normal things but I also felt like I was choking. My airways were closing in on me and I had a very hard time breathing. Eventually, I threw up my breakfast from being so upset and then later, passed out in SkyWolf22's arms. After that, I don't know what happened. (Later I was informed that a team lead ((aka supervisor)) walked into the office and saw me on the floor.)

Later, I was awake but still in the office. the AM wasn't in the office with us but SkyWolf22 was still there with me on the floor. She helped me sit up and I was able to breathe again.

Finally, I was well enough to walk and stand up then we headed out to my station (outside in the yard with the dogs) and on the way out there, I see SAID PERSON standing at the gate. "Oh HELL no, Uh uh!" I said as I turned around and walked away. I couldn't see her for good reason. So, I ran inside and sat down on the floor until she passed by. I still didn't see her and when I poked my head out, I was okay. Then I walked towards the yard and the AM said "Kammi sweetie, you can't go to the yard yet." I'm like, okay?

Apparently, SkyWolf22 was talking to Pam about the "incident" last week and told her that because of that they were trying to fire me. SkyWolf22 told me that the look on her face was 'oh I didn't know' look.
Pam said back, "It wasn't my choice, it was Mike's" (Her husband and owner of the Kennel.) So SkyWolf22 marched up to him and cornered him. (This is all of what I was told, I wasn't present for this so I can't go into detail.)

I'm sitting there at the gate for the yard and find that another person was there in my place, SkyWolf22 walks up to me and tells the other person, "you're good to go, we got it." Then the AM called SkyWolf22 away to talk to her (I don't know what was said but...) later it worked out that I would be staying in the break room for the day but being paid. I wanted to know why. Then come to find out that the conversation with SkyWolf22 and Mike, was that they were trying to send me home because of my MEDICAL condition. That wasn't going to fly either since we can't afford it.

So, going back to the conversation between Mike and SkyWolf22 (from what I'm told)

"Well we can't have her in the yard working with a medical condition." says mike.

"Seriously? You're going to send her home when you have two people with cancer, going through chemotherapy working here and you're not sending them home? That's discrimination!" says SkyWolf22

Again, I don't have all the details of the conversation but conclusion to that was "We'll pay her for the day but she can't work." according to mike. So I sat in the breakroom for 14 hours (this was the shift length plus 2)

And here I am today after a shitty WEEK typing this out. -sigh-


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I'm Kittykam.

Lets see...what else to post. Oh, I'm 26, was born and raised in Simi Valley, CA. I currently live in Tampa, FL with my girlfriend SkyWolf22

I'm a friendly person, but piss me off and I become a terror. Just a warning.

There are many things I like to do. Sewing, crafting, photography and computer graphics (even though I'm not very good at it).

I'm outgoing, fun and love adventure. I make and sell cosplay (google it if you don't know what that is.) but not just that, I do requests for other things too within skill limit.

I go to local conventions in my cosplays I make. If you live in or near Tampa, HIT ME UP!

-Yaoi, action/semi-drama/funny anime, cosplaying, sewing, crafts, photography, video editing/shooting, The Lion King, Tom Hiddleston, Thor, Loki, Avengers movie, Gundam Wing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Naruto/shippuden

Bleach(anime), Cauliflower, steak, drama starters, haters, Romy Meyerson, stalkers, backstabbers, rude people, the block feature used on me. BEING IGNORED!, talking on the phone to strangers, zombies, darkness, My Little Ponies, Michael Bardenhagen, stuck up people, Homestuck, pikabellechu, the U.S. Government, Obama, Duosmexymaxwell, ignorant fools



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